Case #3: “Tipster’s” Alertness Led To Demise of Church Fraudster

The Conviction:
In October 2009, a former church secretary and treasurer was sentenced to a minimum of five years in federal prison and five years probation for the theft of more than $13,000 from a church account.

The Alleged Scheme:
Between December 2006 and January 2009, the defendant wrote 14 fraudulent church checks to individuals and entities to which the church owed money. The checks, each endorsed by the “payee”—whose names were forged—were either cashed by the defendant or deposited into her personal checking account.

The Scheme’s Downfall:
A “tipster’s” alertness and concern led to the demise of this fraudster. Further investigation into the background of the defendant revealed that this was not the defendant’s first encounter with the criminal justice system. She was previously imprisoned for another embezzlement scheme.

Lessons Learned:

Be informed – learn from the experiences of others. Get involved – and YOU will be prepared.

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