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“Business Fraud: From TrustBetrayal—How to Protect Your Business in 7 Easy Steps by Jack Hayes ($19.95, Bascom Hill Publishing Group, softcover) is one of those books that everyone should read if you are involved in corporate management. Hayes is one of the nation’s experts on business crime and his book takes a look at the mistakes management makes that invite fraud, why relying solely on auditors to keep the workplace free from fraud is a big mistake, the factors that create the opportunity for fraud. It is jammed packed with advice on how to spot the fraudsters, how to spot your company’s vulnerabilities, and how to combat fraud.” – From Bookviews by Alan Caruba, National Book Critics Circle

“After reading this non-fiction book and previously holding senior-level positions within a major East Coast manufacturing corporation and operating my own business, I found this book highly beneficial, extremely thorough and very well written. It covers practically every aspect of how employee fraud and embezzlement can happen within ANY business—large or small—and offers common-sense methods that business managers can quickly and easily put in place for risk detection and correction. In fact, I am comfortable in saying that this book offers more insight and advice relating to minimizing business fraud and embezzlement than could ever be found in any manual on business.

I strongly recommend this book as a must read for anyone having one or more employees working for them. The benefits that one can derive and the heartaches that can be avoided are countless.”

Enrico P. Albanesi
Vice President-Manufacturing, Barbizon Corporation
President, House of Oak

“I can honestly say this is one of a few business books I have read cover to cover. Generally, you can jump to the last chapter and get the whole book summarized for yourself in a 4 or 5 pages. Business Fraud: From Trust to Betrayal is an informative and enjoyable read. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, fraud, embezzlement and deceit are the silent killers that will take away your business life.

What is really telling for business owners, is the sense of betrayal experienced when ‘your most trusted employee’ turns out to be your biggest thief. Placing unfettered trust in any employee is foolish. You nailed the mantra for all business owners and managers with the quote from President Reagan, ‘Trust, but verify.’

I also appreciate the step by step program for taking charge of your business security against fraud and betrayal. Assessment – learn what you don’t know, but should. Leadership – instill a culture of honesty. Recruiting – pay now, or pay a lot more later! Management training – bring awareness and understanding to the front line. Fraud Strategies – get everyone involved. Make fraud awareness a positive choice! Internal controls – basic checks and balances, they still work. Monitoring – once you learn to ride this bike, keep peddling!

I would highly recommend this book to every business owner and management staff. It provides straight forward, no nonsense, easy to understand and easy to use recommendations to enable you to ‘Trust, but verify’ and protect your business.”

Stephen P. Doyle
President, Brookfield San Diego Builders, Inc
Past Chairman of the California Building Industry Association

“Dear Jack;

Thank you for writing a book with a message of concern to all of us.

As a retired Vice President of Personnel and as an Organizational and Manpower Utilization Consultant I was very impressed with the examples you described that show how difficult it is to establish standards of employee selection in our complex culture of personal privacy rights. Your book indicates that with proper attention to detail and honest expressions of expectations of integrity, it is possible to protect the workplace from fraud and theft.

Your efforts to signal the difficulty of motivating management to maintain vigilance over honest behavior in financial matters subtly sets the stage for the need to be equally attentive to setting standards for honesty in managing intellectual, human and material resources as well.

Since our society has recently suffered greatly with the lack of integrity in high places, we need to have your message emphasized to show that if each of us behave with honesty we will all be better off.

I would strongly recommend this book as a mirror for all managers to check their reflection against their performance.”

Harold Tassell

“Reading this book was one of the best learning experiences of my career. After 30 years of business experience and building and running our company, I only wish that we had this book available long ago. Certain problems and situations definitely could have been avoided.

This is a must read for all business people. It not only defines the potential problems, it offers realistic solutions. It does not matter how big your company is, this book can help.”

Duane A. Gawron