Business Fraud Case Histories—What the Findings Reveal

Anytime a business fraud case is uncovered, a number of incredible factors surface. In addition to those management-related issues discussed elsewhere on this Internet site, business fraud case histories consistently demonstrate that the length of time these criminal acts are able to continue without discover is deplorable. Take the following business fraud case examples:

Mid-West, business fraud case duration 10 years: A former office manager for a candy company was sentenced to six years in prison and ordered to pay back more than $740,000. This business fraud case report indicated that this employee stole money over a period of ten years by forging checks from her employer.

Mid-West, business fraud case duration 10 years: This office manager allegedly embezzled at least $700,000 over a period of 10 years by setting aside insurance checks, then taking cash that matched the amount of the checks.

West Coast, business fraud case duration 7 years: A former dental office bookkeeper and her husband pled guilty to taking $1.9 million over seven years. The practice’s two dentists say this business fraud case has set back their retirement plans by ten years.

Mid-West, business fraud case duration 6 years: A former bank employee apologized before being sentenced to 5 years, and 3 months in prison for stealing $3.3 million from 158 customers’ accounts during a six-year period.

East Coast, business fraud case duration 5 years: An employee working as an accounting manager of this manufacturing company was indicted by a grand jury on felony charges in connection with the theft of $630,000 from her employer over a period of five years.

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