Dishonest Bookkeeper—A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Just “Google” “dishonest bookkeeper”, and don’t be surprised to find around 147,000 results. Why so many hits? Well, every day a “trusted” bookkeeper can be found ripping-off thousands— if not millions—of dollars from their employer. Three examples:

Once inside, a dishonest bookkeeper can literally destroy most companies. Unfortunately, few managers ever give thought that such schemes could happen within their operation.

Reduce your risk by:
1) Recognizing the Threat: Internal fraud is wide-spread and the dishonest bookkeeper has generally worked his/her way into a position of trust, has greatest opportunity, is least suspected, and has little supervision.

2) Recruiting Process: The best place to stop the dishonest bookkeeper is at the point of hire. Reduce your risk by conducting comprehensive background and credit checks.

3) Multiple Tasking: Ensure that the bookkeeper’s responsibilities do not include the ability to affect every stage of a critical financial process. For example, the employee who handles accounts payable should not open mail or be responsible for accounts receivable, just as a non-biased manager should perform bank reconciliations and monitor credit card charges.

4) Supervisory Oversight: Proper oversight helps to ensure that adequate controls are in place. This strategy also sends a message to a potentially dishonest bookkeeper that the boss is aware and alert.

These “four steps” will help to defeat the dishonest bookkeeper.

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