Employee Credit Card Abuse —Monitoring Is Crucial

Employee credit card abuse is not only widespread— it’s legendary. No matter how trustworthy you perceive your workers —there is always the risk of employee credit card abuse. Examples:

Generally, there are a number of red flags when it comes to employee credit card abuse. Yet, an overwhelming number of employers fail to spot these warning signals. Here are five tips to help prevent employee credit card abuse:

  1. Collaborate with Card Issuer: A variety of “behind-the-scenes” measures are available to prevent employee credit card abuse. Find out what your card issuer can do for you.
  2. Communications: Clearly communicate and put in writing your policy to employees including what happens to abusers. Also, frequently remind employees that having a company credit card is a privilege—revocable on the slightest sign of abuse.
  3. Set Deadlines: Require all monthly charge receipts be turned-in on/prior to a specific date.
  4. Monitoring/Reconciling: It is extremely important that a careful review by made by someone in authority to ensure that there are no violations of the employee credit card abuse policy.
  5. Strict Enforcement: Perhaps the most important aspect of any company policy is enforcing it, and the policy pertaining to employee credit card abuse is no exception. Ensure that a careful and consistent review is performed, employees are aware of this review, and those monitoring know what they are approving.

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