Employee Theft in Restaurants—Communications is Key

Employee theft is a severe problem in businesses everywhere and employee theft in restaurants is no exception. No matter how trustworthy your employees appear, the possibility of theft exists. Yes, employee theft in restaurants is preventable. The most popular safeguards to prevent employee theft in restaurants include background checks on new-hires; a good tracking system for all sales; regular inventories; keeping alcohol secured  and access controlled; limited access to cash drawers and safe; trash and back door controls; get receipt signs posted at registers;  and numerous other anti-theft measures.

You get the point—a number of steps can be taken to prevent employee theft in restaurants. However, while the above safeguards are highly popular, here is another important one to deter employee theft in restaurants—explaining the definition of honesty.  Take this brief case example:

The owner of a local restaurant told of a server attempting to excuse away her dishonesty by saying that when she worked in another restaurant the employees routinely gave special price breaks, free food and drinks to relatives and close friends, and that management didn’t complain. A bartender also blamed liquor shortages on his misunderstanding in thinking that it was okay to top off a steady customer’s drinks in order to create good will.

What employees perceive to be honest and what they see as dishonest may not always be as clear-cut as you might think. So, don’t take it for granted that your employees know what constitutes dishonesty within your restaurant. Always make your position clear on what constitutes dishonesty. Better yet, put it in writing and have the employee sign acknowledging their understanding.

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