Prevent Embezzlement?—Yes You Can!

Embezzlement is happening in every type of organization imaginable. No type of business—large or small—is immune from this devastating crime. Even as you read this, an embezzler may be ripping off your organization. But, how would you know? That is the question—is it not?

The good news is that you can control if not prevent embezzlement. That’s right! You can control and prevent embezzlement within your very own organization—far better than in the past. After four decades of active research into why and how business crimes are committed, I am going to explain that by following a few simple—but critical steps—you can prevent embezzlement in your organization.

While the above five steps are important in helping to prevent embezzlement, find out other ways to prevent embezzlement; buy your copy of Business Fraud: From Trust to Betrayal now!