How can such costly illegal acts continue to grow and thrive in today’s high-tech world of crime fighting?

When searching for an answer to this complex question, I found that although numerous case histories and analyses indicated otherwise, thousands of managers refused to believe that an act of internal fraud or embezzlement could take place within their organization. A large portion of these “non-believers” said they had the utmost confidence in their operation’s internal controls and took steps to ensure that only highly trusted employees performed their operation’s highest-risk jobs. Others said they rely on their external or internal auditors to prevent or uncover such incidents.

Many of those who recognized that an act of internal fraud could happen inside of their operation had insufficient knowledge when it came to understanding internal fraud. They did not know how such risks occur, which practices are most vulnerable, or what actions they should take to reduce their vulnerability to this crime. Several said that they preferred to focus their attention elsewhere and ignore this issue altogether until a questionable situation arose. Naturally, by this time—which possibly could be years after the initial act took place, it is too late! The fraudster had struck, losses reached astronomical proportions, and the mere survival of the organization questionable.

When answering the question, “How can such costly illegal acts continue to grow and thrive in our high-tech world of crime fighting today?” Business Fraud: From Trust To Betrayal presents valid evidence illustrating that something is dreadfully wrong with the methods organizations use in their attempts to combat such devastating financial crimes!

Knowledge is power! Business Fraud: From Trust To Betrayal is a powerful tool that will provide you with most of the knowledge, skills, methods, and tools that you need to be successful in reducing the risk of internal business fraud within your organization.   

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